I Graduated From New Madison High School in 1966.  In 1967 I married my high school sweetheart, Anita Thomas.  In 1967 I enlisted in the United States Marines, while my wife attended the Mimi Valley Hospital School of Nursing.  In 1970 I was honorably discharged with a 70% disability from injuries sustained while fighting at Quang Tri Valley, Vietnam.  The most difficult part of being a Vietnam veteran was trying to get a job.  Just being in Vietnam was two strikes agents you and when they found you had a 70% disability that was your 3rd strike.  So I decided to turn my passion for photography into my career. (I would like to thank those places that would not give me a job)  I was very lucky in that my home town of  New Madison, my wife and family was very supportive.    I studied photography through the New York Institute of Photography and the School of modern Photography.

We opened the studio Christmas of 1979 at North Main St. in New Madison.  In the late 1980s we sold the building and began operating the studio out of our house, 143 S Main St., until 1992 when the addition to the house was erected.  When we first opened in 1979 we operated under the name Tri-Village Picture Palace.  When the building was sold, we began operating under the name of Stockton Photography, however, we have always went by the name of Stockton Studio. 
God has blessed my wife and I with two daughters, Dawn and Maria.  We were also blessed with a late arrival to our family, Jesse Miller.  We have a total of nine grandchildren and three great grandsons.  Our current household includes a three dogs, two cats... and, oh yes... my wife and I.